Captain's Log
4 January 2002

The Nutty Navigator

Last night we sailed passed Wollongong and this morning arrived off Jervis Bay. The weather has been kind – with generally following winds and seas around two metres. Two metres was too much for several YC though. There was quite a bit of fish feeding last night and this morning, the fish were fed from about every position on board – including the top of the mast.After two big days the YC deserved a rest so we had a few hours of quiet time to recharge. Late this afternoon a set of Rope Races was held (the aim being to be the first to locate a nautical fixture on the ship) which was followed by the Nutty (debonaire) Navigator’s Nav. Lecture.Spirits continue to improve and all the YC are doing fine. Learning about the ship and their shipmates is what they are experiencing at the moment and the smiles and jokes are starting to appear. Tomorrow, Saturday, we intend arriving in Eden for a night’s break before heading out into Bass Strait.Stay tunedAndrew Davis


35° 38' South / 150° 34'


CO's Log Friday 4 Jan 02Current situation at 1800: At sea off Bateman's Bay, under full sail with a strong sou'easter. Temp 20C.