Captain's Log
9 May 2001

The King of Uno

Our first night at sea was uneventful however the Youth Crew wanted to climb and climb they did. There are a lot of happy yet tired faces with us and everyone is getting along well and bonding as a team. The scenery out here has been superb: a beautiful sea, great visibility and the mountain ranges behind Townsville. Magnetic Island still has us in its clutches, so we will relent and after tonight at sea, go to anchor there tomorrow morning. The Youth Crew had Rope Races and a navigation lecture today. Later, the sails weren\’t being filled so we handed sail and went for a swim about 20 miles off the coast. Youth Crew entry by Jillian Wilkie, 18 from Longreach, Qld. The trip so far has been full of excitement and many challenges, including the game of Uno. Climbing the sails at 3.30 in the morning proved to be one of our first challenges. We are currently sailing around Magnetic Island and I think the crew are going to experience withdrawal symptoms the morning we wake up to find we can\’t see it no longer. The spew factor is nil to date. Woody the famous chef believes he is the KING of Uno and is constantly telling us \’there are no cheats on the Young Endeavour\’ although he has taught us well. I am having the time of my life and have met so many interesting and unique people, who have all enjoyed waking up to the sound of me singing a song on the ships loud speaker at 6.30 in the morning. Hello to Mum, Dad and Monique and to Bob and the crew at LSC, I have not fallen overboard yet. The food is great and I speak for the rest of the crew when I say the Mums have a high standard to live up to when we arrive back home in the area of cooking. I hope everyone back home is having as much fun as I am and that you aren\’t all missing me too much, Ha Ha. See you all when I return to the land of living. Youth Crew Entry from Sonia, 20 from Brisbane. Hi Owen, Tony, Corrie, Thomasine and friends at Convention and Mum and Dad. There have been many adventures and it is only day 3 and guess what, I have not been seasick yet. Some of the activities I have been doing include climbing a 33metre mask, swimming in the deep ocean, doing the dog watch (12am-4am) actually that\’s the Guts Watch (Ed. Note), learning how to sail and learning a lot about myself. The staff on board are very encouraging and supportive of everything that we do and I have met so many awesome people that I hope to get to know better over the 10 days. We go ashore tomorrow so I\’ll try and give you a call. Otherwise I miss and love you all and I can\’t wait to see you all again, particularly you Owen :-). Love Sonia xxoo Stay tuned Andrew Davis


18° 55' South / 146° 56' East


CO\\\'s LOG Wednesday 9 May 01 Current situation at 1800: At sea off Great Palm Isles. Weather - great one day, perfect the next. Temp 26C, Wind - nothing to write home about though...