Captain's Log
11 January 2001

The Joys of 90 Second Showers

Overnight we had a quiet motor sail from Three Hummock Is to Burnie where, after a quick clean up, we berthed at 0900. At 1000 we embarked our guests for a three hour sail including the Mayor of the City of Burnie, Alderman Alvwyn Boyd, and some 36 members of the Burnie City Council Youth Group. During a pleasant sail off Burnie we had our visitors hauling on ropes, steering, climbing aloft and generally getting involved. Back alongside at 1300 we said farewell to our friends for the day and a short while later went to anchor just outside Burnie Harbour.In the afternoon the ship was made ship shape including harbour furling the square sails for tomorrow’s entry into Burnie marking the end of the Voyage. On completion of all the work time was found for a refreshing swim over the side before dinner.And now everyone is getting ready for the end of voyage concert to be held tonight.All for nowCap’n BobYouth Crew Entry: Connor McComas, Clemmie Gribble, Neil Power, Ellie Searl and Bianca Jodeikin.Today has been our final day of sailing. During the evening we had our end of voyage talks with our watch leaders before preparation for our evening concert. Blue Watch did a great rendition to the Piano Man Tune about each of the staff members whilst the staff members themselves also performed their own skit.Now in the early hours of the morning we are still awake, rushing about searching for autographs and last minute reminders of our voyage and new friends.I am disappointed that our voyage is finally coming to an end and I will be leaving behind so many great memories and new friendships. The Young Endeavour would be one of the most challenging yet rewarding things I have ever done and through the whole voyage I have had the time of my life.- Ellie SearlLike Ellie, I too am disappointed that the voyage is coming to an end after the last fantastic ten days. I’ve made lots of great friends with whom I’ll hopefully be able to keep in touch with as time goes by, however, in the meantime I can’t wait to see my own personal family and friends back in Melbourne. See you all tomorrow, can’t wait,- Clementine GribbleTomorrow will be the most disappointing moment of the whole voyage. Everybody on this ship has become extremely close after spending night and day together on a ship that is 44m long. We have become like a little family and now must go our own way.-Connor McMomasI am very disappointed that this voyage will be finishing tomorrow at 11:00. I really enjoyed helping to teach people how to hoist the sails and to climb aloft. Everyone has been getting on great and it will be hard saying bye to friends from other states in Australia.- Neil PowerThe voyage has been the most awesome experience! The staff have been great ��� very encouraging, positive and supportive. The youth crew have become close, helping each other as a team. Everyone has an amazing enthusiasm and positive attitude. The past 10 days have just flown, but I’m glad we are ending on a very high note (the topgallant). One thing is for sure- we all really appreciate horizontal sleep and showers longer than 90 seconds!!!-Bianca Jodeikin.


41° 2' South / 145° 54'


Current situation at 1800: at anchor off Burnie. Wind light variable, clear skies, temp 19C