Captain's Log
17 January 2001

The Iron Gut Champs

Our first evening at anchor went well and this morning the YC conducted line handling and deck safety. After lunch we brought the anchor home and motorsailed north west, with the YC carrying out some sail handling enroute before the engines were stopped and we started sailing. The ‘Nut’ off Stanley is now in view and it seems that everyone is quite pooped after a busy day. We’ve still got under a hundred miles to go to get some ‘Cheese’ and we plan to arrive sometime Friday and have a look around.Youth Crew entry by Peter Schmidt, 22, of Melbourne: With our first 24 hours now behind us, the youth crew has spent the majority of this time receiving a crash course in sailing a tallship. Upon leaving Bernie we have discovered that all the sailing jargon we were so unfamiliar with is not so formidable afterall.Many of us relished the opportunity to scale the foremast and venture out onto the topgallant yard, but as white watch discovered at 3:30am when our watch began, some of the youth crew didn’t appreciate being up so high. How could one person make that much mess is what we want to know. White Watch is the only team that has not had a member be seasick yet. We truly are the iron gut champs.As for the next few days, we are determined to get across Bass Strait quickly so we can enjoy stops at King Island and Wilsons Prom. But an even bigger thrill looms on the horizon with the chance to participate in the Australia Day celebrations. Our final day on board will allow us to partake in a race in which we intend to win at all costs. Therefore we are all digging in and trying to absorb all the info that the crew sends our way.So all I can say is bring it on. I want the weather to stay great (although a bit more wind is in order) and like everyone else on board, I want to challenge myself even more. I’ve surprised myself a number of times already and yet we still have nine days to go.To my family and friends – having a ball as expected and the seasick tablets work a treat. Schmidty.Stay tunedAndrew Davis


40° 45' South / 145° 33'


Current situation at 1800: Under sail off Port Latta, heading for King Island. Wind light and from the nor'east. Temp 22C.