Captain's Log
16 June 2001

The Hole-in-the-Wall

I transferred Command of Young Endeavour to Adam Woolley, 21, and YC of Voyage 10/01 at 1600 today. After a yummy dinner the YC got underway and sailed the ship from the anchorage, heading north for their first destination, the mysterious and hard to find Hole-in-the-Wall, which we should reach by early morning.This Command Day is 42 hours long and the YC are charged up to put in an enormous effort to sail the ship nearly 200 miles to Port Essington, via Hole-in-the-Wall.After a cautious start the YC are now right into it and cruising along at about 8 knots and their confidence and teamwork is increasing by the minute.No YC entry tonight. The chefs are too busy.Stay tunedAndrew Davis


11° 0' South / 133° 19'


CO's Log Saturday 16 Jun 01Current situation at 2100: Command Day. Somewhere in the Arafura Sea. Temp 26C, Wind sou'east at 25 knots.