Captain's Log
27 March 2010

The calm of a coastline

Hi everyone,We enjoyed a very comfortable motor sail up the coast from Eden, passing towns such as Batemans Bay and Ulladulla. Overnight we did some sail changes as the wind settled from the south. This required a few climbs of the mast, which we have pretty much mastered now.Overnight we did an activity to get people to present good and bad points of each other or to describe people in relation to part of the Ship (i.e. \’you remind me of an engine of the Ship, always chugging away, there if we need you\’ …). It was a good activity that for many was the first time they have enjoyed a view from someone else about their behaviour and conduct.We entered Jervis Bay in the early afternoon and went through some demonstrational tacks where the Youth Crew take turns to come up to the bridge and witness what happens when we tack and wear Ship (adjust our heading). We then went to anchor in Jervis Bay and had a swim – yeah! Brad our Watch Officer did a very spekky launch off the Ship in one of the kayaks while others used the swinging rope to launch themselves into the sea. Well, Adrian probably overdid the half turn and tripple twist – best belly flop I have seen in years!As I type we are preparing a barbeque on deck to enjoy while the sun sets. But in the meantime the Youth Crew are undertaking Command Day elections. Yes – the Youth Crew are taking over tomorrow! I\’ll get them to update you tomorrow night.We will remain at anchor overnight and set sail for command day tomorrow.Yours Aye,Dave Jordan (Yak)Voyage Captain


35° 2' South / 150° 47' East


SE winds 5 to 10 knots backing slowly to the NE and we are expecting the northerly winds to develop tomorrow. Barometer 1023 Hpa and steady. Temperature today peaked at 29 degrees.