Captain's Log
20 January 2001

The Calm Before the Storm

At wakey wakey this morning we departed Grassy Harbour, passed the fairy penguin rookery and set sail. We expected a big blow but we were becalmed. The calm before the storm. I gave a sail theory lecture which was really well received (it was early in the day) and in the afternoon did some rotational tacks when the squall hit us. It lasted about fifteen minutes but it was very intense and we leaned right over, causing us to shorten sail in quick time. The YC responded very well and were quite excited that they had seen a squall and coped with the sail handling.We will continue north tonight and the wind is moderating a lot. The YC face their ‘Bear’ teamwork exercise tonight and tomorrow we will attempt to get to Cowes in time for tea.Youth Crew entry by Nyree Williamson, Age 20 ��� I would just like to start by saying how wonderful all the staff and youth crew on this ship are. I have never met with such a team spirit and urge for learning, which there has certainly been a lot of. Since joining the crew (pretty much a novice) I’ve now learnt to set sails, tie knots, navigate and basically now the salt feels good, the bunks are comfortable and climbing to the top of a mast and swinging round like a monkey is second nature.Today was our first wild day, and with all the hard work it’s passed so quickly. We left Grassy Harbour, King Island around 7am this morning and it was great to see some of the locals come out to wave goodbye. During the day we had watch duties and free time which was mainly used up chatting and playing games. Towards the afternoon though we came into a really quick storm which kind of surprised everyone, but all the training paid off and we came through it with a few quick changes to the strategy. Although a storm is not what you would want all the time, the smiles on everyone’s faces when we met the challenge and conquered it were fantastic. I think quite a few people had been really looking forward to some action. After the storm had subdued it was my watch and for the first time I was out on the Course Yard undoing the round turn and half hitches that tied up the course squaresails, it was great fun. I loved the exhilaration and watching the water surge over the bowsprit as we hang high up in the sails.For dinner tonight was pizza, my favourite, the food has been so good on this whole voyage. I actually eat better here than at home. I do miss my family and boyfriend but am so busy and caught up in the excitement and continuous wonderment that I barely get a chance to think of home.Bye from all the crew – NyreeStay tunedAndrew Davis


39° 30' South / 144° 20'


Current situation at 1800: At sea in Bass Strait. Heading north to Western Port. Wind Southerly at 15 knots. Temp 18C.