Captain's Log
to the Storm Jib and Trysail
10 June 2001

Storm Sails Set

Situation at 20:00-As we made ground to the South last night, the watches were able to gain practise in setting and furling the various sails. Themajority of the Youth Crew have proven themselves capable of accurately steering YOUNG ENDEAVOUR and overall they have settledinto the routine of life at sea.At today’s morning brief Salty Sea Dog Loz enlightened us on the nautical origin of the term Hijack”. Engineer Stewy showed hisconsiderate nature and only made a modest haul for the “”scran bag””. But all hands are on notice that tomorrow he will be considerately tougher. Happy hour proved to be a lively evolution. No sooner wouldthe smell of the cleaning products (made in Oz) be noticed then a made rush to the upperdeck would ensue. Very curious!The remainder of the forenoon was taken up with the first installment of rope races and Navigator Spanky giving a lecture on the black art that is his profession. Just as forecast


YOUNG ENDEAVOUR carries square sails from the foremast and fore-and-aft sails from the mainmast and stays.YOUNG ENDEAVOUR GLOSSARY: Jib-A triangular sail traditionally set on a stay from the Jib-Boom to the forward most mast / or the forward most triangular fore-and-aft sail where there is no Jib-Boom. Spanker- The after most fore-and-aft sail


quadrilateralin shape and set between the Mast