Captain's Log
20 March 2002

The Art of Navigation

Current situation at 1800: Today we weighed anchor before the sun came up and headed out into the Gulf. The wind was good and most of the day we caught up with the program of sail setting and furling. By late afternoon wewere ready to tack and prove that we could turn the ship if required. We successfully achieved this and so Azza, the Navigator, explainedthe art of navigation to the YC so they could help find our way to Port Lincoln.The night will be a long one as the Gulf is quite narrow this far north and we will need to get everyone up every two hours overnight if we are to keep clear of the shallow bits.Sea sickness has raised its head partially, but the beast will go away soon as the weather and seas will moderate overnight. The YC are well and settling in for their first night underway. They have learned a great deal since joining and they are putting it into practice doing lots of climbing and sail setting. Friendships areforming already and as a whole they are bonding quickly.We will spend another night at sea (Thursday night) and at this stage plan on getting to Port Lincoln by Friday.Stay tuned,Andrew Davis


33° 30' South / 137° 15'


At sea off Port Broughton, Spencer Gulf.Wind southerly at 23 knots, temp 20C.