Captain's Log
19 August 2011

Testing (some)times …

Hi everyone,A beautiful morning as we sailed into Mooloolaba. Each of the watches did setting and furling of the sails under my watchful eye to prove they have the necessary capability to perform without supervision on Command Day. Well done to Zoe and her watch who brailed (put away) the main sail (big one) without any input from me at all – a complex undertaking at the best of times. All the watches performed well so it was straight to anchor and ashore for some sport on the beach, a barbeque and then some own-time to explore Mooloolaba.Later on a delightful sunny winters day we did some more climbing for those who so desired and then enjoyed a lovely meal of lamb shanks before singing happy birthday to Shanice and tucking into some lovely chocolate cake.Then it was time for the Youth Crew to undertake their Command Day elections. I\’ll let you know how they go tomorrow, or at least the Youth Crew Captain will.Until then, think of us as we roll slowly at anchor and rock to sleep … except for the need to keep anchor watches and then get up early and then … you get the picture!Yak (Voyage Captain)


26° 40' South / 153° 8' East


Wind 265 at 5 knots. Barometer 1018 Hpa Sea State 1