Captain's Log
18 March 2003

Terrific Talentfest

Situation at 20:00: Command day continued throughout last night as the Youth Crew sailed through several waypoints on their way to melbourne. At 09:15the Ship anchored off the Station St Pier, and all hands sighed a breath of relief. Command day formally ended with a ceremonialhanding over of the Ship’s telescope to Captain John. The Youth Crew had done a terrific job over the 25 hours they were in command of the Ship. Only a week before they had arrived onboard, some nervous, somescared and all very curious about the experience they were about to embark upon. Yet here they were, confident enough in their abilities to take command of a very complicated machine and accept the challenge of being responsible for every activity necessary to sail the Ship a significant distance in unfamiliar waters.Once the change of command ceremony was completed it was time for another installment of rope races. The Bluies have taken the lead, but tomorrow’s episode will determine the overall winner and any of the three watches are in a position to be the champions.After lunch, the command day debrief commenced. The Youth Crew were divided into three groups and each group was teamed with aStaff Crew member who acted as facilitator. The debrief was a frank and open examination of the events of command day and of eachindividual’s contribution to the success of the day. The aim is to determine if any of the skills used during command day can betransferred in to everyday life. The Youth Crew were quick to identify that many of the teamwork principles they utilised can betransferred to school, work and relationships. The Ship’s concert hasjust finished. Well done to all hands for a terrific talentfest, particularly the Bluies for their hilarious rendition of ‘SuperSeaman’.The Youth Crew will keep anchor watches overnight. Tomorrow we will embark 70 guests for a half day sail. The Youth Crew will actas hosts and be able to show off the skills they have learned during the voyage.YOUNG ENDEAVOUR Fact File: In the fiveteen years the Ship has been operating, she has circled the globe, transitted three of theworld’s great canals (Suez, Panama and Corinth), visited six continents and raced across the Atlantic. In all her travels, YOUNG ENDEAVOUR has been fully manned by young Australians, most of who were experiencing life at sea for the first time.YOUNG ENDEAVOUR Glossary: Handing- As in handing a sail. The whole process of returning a sail to its stowed position on its yard, mast or stay from a position of being set, the opposite of setting asail. Stay- A supporting rope or wire leading from the head of one mast to the foot or otherwise of another mast, or leading from the head of one mast to the sides, bow or stern of the vessel. Fore-and-aft sails are set along some of a vessel’s fore and aft stays.Thought of the Day: Do not pray for easy times, pray to be stronger. Do not pray for tasks equal to your powers, pray for powersequal to your task. John F Kennedy. Yours, Aye John CowanLCDR, RAN


37° 51' South / 144° 56' East


At anchor Port Philip Bay. Wind: North at 10 knots, Temp: 28c, Cloud:1/8.