Captain's Log
V06/21 Brisbane to Gladstone
21 June 2021

Tangalooma to Sea

Ahoy there shipmates! Third day of voyage 06/21 and so far, it’s been an absolute blast.

This morning we woke up to the wonderfully intrusive “All Star” by Smash Mouth and breathtaking views of Tangalooma. We then headed on deck where we were delighted to find a delicious hot breakfast awaiting – thanks Bobby! After this fulfilling brekkie, we challenged each other in group activity where Captain Mike took the win!

Not so long afterwards, everyone helped prepare the dingy so that we could finally enjoy the wonderful beach at Tangalooma. Once there, we embraced our competitive nature and challenged each other in games of touch, dodgeball, and tug-of-war. Our tug-of-war event started out with watches competing against each other and, in the end, white watch took the lead (which was unfortunate for us, red watch, who tragically lost this battle). Then, pretty much all of us enjoyed the delightfully chilly water, which definitely woke us up for the rest of the day!

When we were all back on board, we devoured our scrumptious lunch – thanks Adam – and prepared our three-way chats, where we had to learn about two other youthies and present them to the rest of the group. The real joy came when we began guessing each person’s charades.

After this relaxing, bonding experience we started getting down to the real stuff – setting and furling the staysails. We separated into our three watch groups and started learning the ins-and-outs of how to sail this beautiful tall ship! However, while we were learning, we were interrupted by a competitive game of ropies! Again, unfavourable to us – the red crew – white took the win, again (even though Goose pretty much spat out his apple that he was meant to down whole!).

After weighing anchor, the youthies laid aloft, where we all took in the beautiful scenery and unforgettable sunset. Then, we headed down for another beautiful meal – again, thanks Adam! – and enjoyed our last time without performing the continuous cycle of actual watches.

Luckily, the wind was in our favour tonight and we were able to use our recently-learnt skills on how to set the sails. With a big night ahead of 2 metre swells, us reddies are prepared to tackle the First watch!

That’s all for now – Sarah and Emma (RED WATCH READY!)
Good evening Shipmates,
It has been another busy day. In the afternoon we transited out of Moreton Bay on the engines, but as soon as we had some sea room we put the youth crew’s recently acquired sail handling skills to work and set the fore and aft sails so that we could finally shut down the underwater sails (engines) and do what the Ship was designed for. The plan is to make ground to the east until midnight and then alter course for Hervey Bay, set the square sails, hand-in most of the fore-and-afts and then run northwards overnight.
That’s all from me until tomorrow.
Yours aye, Captain Mike


26 50.1' S / 153 22.4' E


Wind South South Easterly (SSE) at 17 knots, Swell 1.0 metres from SE and Sea 0.5 metres from SSE Fine at our location but some thunderstorms visible to the north of us Temp: 16 deg C, feels like 14 deg C