Captain's Log
14 May 2001

Talk of Pirates

Early this morning we departed out anchorage and sailed into Cairns to fix our radar. Today was a very productive day and the Youth Crew had some fun ashore too. We had a treasure hunt, played some soccer, went for a swim (the pool was colder than the sea) and then went to the airport to visit the Laser Airborne Depth System facility that is the future of hydrographic surveying. Before returning to the ship and sailing the YC got to do some shopping in Cairns. Upon sailing the YC held Command Day elections for their big day on Tuesday. We briefly anchored for a BBQ diner and then sailed for a few hours to take advantage of the 15-knot winds.We haven’t had wind this strong and we got the ship up to 5 knots – wooo hooo! We did some tacks and sailed from, and to, the anchorage. Already the YC are planning tomorrow: there’s talk of pirates and weird watch names. I’ll tell you about the mission and how they went tomorrow evening.We had some volunteers for the Youth Crew entry but they decided they had more important things to do – like planning the menu and meals for Command Day.Stay tunedAndrew Davis


16° 51' South / 145° 51'


CO's LOG Monday 14 May 01Current situation at 1800: Sailing off Cairns Harbour. Wind sou'easterly at 15 knots. Temp 25C.