Captain's Log
11 February 2002

Taking Command

Current situation at 1800: Early this morning we sailed into Petrel Bay, St Francis Island and anchored for the day. The YC went straight into Command Day elections and spent the remainder of the day preparing for theirmission.I handed Command of YOUNG ENDEAVOUR to Steve Pippett, 22 of Sydney, at 3 pm and soon after, in strong winds, the YC sailed YE safely from the anchorage. They were off to a great start. The remainder of the evening will be sent searching the seabed for a lost shipwreck with the ships echo sounder. There are lots of islands around Ceduna, forming the Nuyts Archipelago, and so there are lots of ‘hard’ bits to dodge. The wind is predicted to change direction which willmake their task even harder. So far they have performed really well and are running the ship in an exceptional manner. There are a lot of tense but happy faces around the ship and they are confident and so am I, of a successful night at sea. The YC must reach Ceduna by early afternoon tomorrow, Tuesday.Stay tuned,Andrew Davis


32° 15' South / 133° 24'


Youth Crew Command Day. At sea somewhere off Ceduna. Wind southerly at 18 knots, temp 20C.