Captain's Log
V18/17 Sydney to Hobart
26 December 2017


G’day shipmates, Welcome to Young Endeavour’s final Voyage for 2017, being the CYCA Sydney to Hobart Race Returnee Voyage. Our journey starts in the Harbour City of Sydney and will conclude in Australia’s southern most capital city of Hobart. We have a magnificent tall ship, wind for our sails and Australia’s premier yachting even to support. Our role in the race is to provide radio relay backup in case yachts at the back of the fleet have difficulty sending their regular scheduled radio position reports. Our plan includes enjoying the coastlines of NSW, Victoria and Tasmania with a few stops along the way. The potential is limitless and sense of adventure is infectious. I would like to introduce the Team of Staff Crew that will facilitate this voyage of adventure: Captain –                             MikeSail Master –                        AdamNavigator –                          KyleWatch Officer –                    Baggers with A/WO ChaffRed Watch Leader –              JimmyWhite Watch Leader –            Meggs with A/WWL KarlyBlue Watch Leader –              LozChef –                                 KeelyEngineer -                            Brett The Voyage officially commenced at 0830 today, alongside Fleet Base-East at Garden Island, when the Returnee Crew were welcomed onboard to settle in and meet the Voyage Staff Crew. We also embarked two Radio Operators from the CYCA who will sail with us during the voyage to perform the back-up radio relay role if required. Before lunch we put the returnees through refresher climbs to the Topsail yard as well as Deck Safety training. We departed the berth at 1150 and in transit to Sydney Heads conducted practice Emergency Stations and Leaving Ship Stations as well as giving the detailed Safety Equipment brief as we proceeded outside the harbour to await the departure of the Race Fleet. The race started at 1300 and we had positioned ourselves to the south east of the expected track of the yachts to enable us to get a good view as they departed the harbour and overtook us. At 1400 the Sail Master, Engineer and I gave our individual briefs to the Returnees. This was followed by some Tacking practice to re-familiarise the Returnees with their job at Tacking Stations, in case they were called to do so on short notice. The conditions remained relatively comfortable and the returnees kept their first underway watches of the voyage through the night. I am very pleased to report that the returnee crew has done extremely well on their first day and I am from the outset impressed with their attitude and enthusiasm. Until my next log entry, take care. Yours Aye Captain Mike