Captain's Log
V18/17 Sydney to Hobart
27 December 2017


Hello Shipmates, Welcome to Day 2 of the voyage. We had a relatively quiet night from a weather perspective. The winds backed from easterly to NNE and strengthened to 15 kn which put it fine on the port quarter, requiring a complete change of sail plan from a beam reach to running downwind. The fore stay sail and top gallant stay sail were furled; mainsail was brailed; and the course, the top sail and the top gallant square sails were all set. First the gaskets holding all of the harbour furls of the square sails in place had to be removed and once the mainsail was brailed it had to be sea-furled also. All these activities kept the watches busy through the night. Late in the morning watch the Sail master also had his watch set the Fisherman staysail, his favourite sail! The Sail master woke everyone at 0700 and then the crew rotated through showers and breakfast before convening for the first Morning Brief of the voyage. The Sail master stage managed the brief giving a summary of his ‘plan for the day’ and then introducing Navigator Kyle, who spoke about where we were and how far we had travelled overnight; ‘Salty the Seadog’, alias assistant Watch Officer Brendon, whose job it is to demonstrate to the Returnees, with the use of some acting from Staff Crew of very dubious quality, the nautical background behind expressions in common use in today’s English language as well as some Naval traditions. Today’s effort was the background behind the Naval Salute. After morning brief the crew launched into ‘Happy Hour’, otherwise known as Cleaning Stations. After lunch Brett held episode 1 of ‘Rope Races’, which was followed by an activity organised by Sail master Adam. It was a competition between the watches to act out a TV advertisement. It was judged by John and Bruce, our CYCA Radio Operators, on comic appeal, acting skills and quality of depiction of the original ad. We will maintain our SSW course overnight and the NNE winds are expected to strengthen up to 30 knots, before they start abating after sunrise. We plan to anchor in Wineglass Bay tomorrow evening, hopefully before sunset and spend the night there, before weighing anchor on Fri morning and continuing towards Hobart. Until tomorrow, Yours Aye Captain Mike


38 15.2' S / 149 59.4' S


Weather - fine, partly cloudy, Wind - NNE 25kn, Swell - from NNE at 1.5m, Temp: 23 deg C