Captain's Log
31 August 2000

Swedish Bobsled Team

Engines were shut down early yesterday evening and again the predominantly westerly breeze enabled us to make good speed southwards during the night under full sail. Today was another glorious day although the presence of bush fires ashore made the air quite hazy. The second set of rope aces were keenly contested and this was followed by a ‘Rules of the Road’ lecture. This lecture was interrupted by a Swedish Bobsled team that provided a bit of light relief and entertainment. Their skintight suits did nothing for the YC’s appetite. After lunch the fisherman staysail was set in our quest for speed and we were sailing along very nicely. A lecture on sail theory was given by yours truly and I was also interrupted, firstly by three very unattractive ladies (some who looked vaguely like Sweedish bobsleders) and finally by a large pod of dolphins that took a shining to us and hung around for quite a while. By mid afternoon the wind, as it often does in these parts, deserted us and it was ‘up funnel down screw’ and the engines were started. We motor sailed the final couple of hours to Coffs Harbour and anchored at 1630, which promptly became 1730 as we advanced our clocks one hour to NSW time.We have just enjoyed a BBQ on deck and the YC are preparing for ‘three way’ talks later this evening. Tomorrow morning we will send the crew ashore to explore the local surrounds and maybe even visit the Big Banana, the leading tourist attraction in this region. We will weigh anchor after lunch and continue our passage southwards.YC entry by Tarnya Fitzgibbon (age 21 from Brisbane) – Spirits are high today as all of the YC recovered from their seasickness. We were all lucky enough to witness a spectacular dolphin show early this afternoon, which helped to further lift morale after yesterday. All three watches are starting to really pull together as teams and everyone on board is starting to feel more comfortable with our home on the sea. Now that everyone has found their sea legs only a few YC have to conquer their nerves when climbing aloft. It’s quite daunting to climb up to the topgallant in rough seas and at night. The scene has been set for a brilliant trip from here on in. Just quickly, a big hello to my staff and fellow managers at KFC Redbank and also KFC Marsden. Also to all my family – I miss you all.From the home of the Big BananaAndrew (and Tarnya)


30° 18' South / 153° 9'


Current Situation at 1800: At anchor Coffs Harbour, Wind NW 5-10kts, Temp 19C, Clear