Captain's Log
5 February 2002

Sunshine, Dolphins and Whales

Current situation at 1800:As we go into our third night at sea some of the crew are desperate to get to the keyboard, tell you what they’ve been doing and say hello.Staff crew entry by Mhandii, 24, of Sydney:After my seven months on the mighty Young Endeavour, Captain Andrew has finally given in and let me let loose on the keyboard. A superbig hello to all the ex Youth Crew who I’ve had the pleasure of meeting since I’ve been onboard. Once again I’ve been entrusted with navigating for this voyage – so to all the Mums, Dads, friends and loved ones who have entrusted the Youth Crew of V03/02 to the whims of the sea, I promise they’ll all arrive safely in Ceduna… where exactly is Ceduna again????? The weather Gods have smiled favourably on us thus far and it looks like we’re in for several more fun days in the sun as we head toward Kangaroo Island and Spencer Gulf. A beautiful, unclouded sunrise and a whale off the port beam was the way we started the morning and I hope it continues.The Youth Crew have been a lot of fun – they truly are a great bunch and I’ll be sad to see them leave at the end of the 15 days.One last hello to my gorgeous boyfriend Mark – only 24 more days till I return to Sydney. I love you, miss you heaps and am dying to know where our mystery weekend away is???Till next time – Mhandii.Youth Crew entry by Brendan 22 of Ryde NSW:G’day Australia, Finally after six days at sea we woke to clear blue sunny skies and dolphins off the bow. All Youth Crew successfully completed the Kenny Team Exercises overnight where we clewed and setthe course square sail all by ourselves. Expertly done by Snow White Watch if I do say so myself. We are pleased to report that Kenny, the Youth Crew’s mascot, is in a critical but stable condition after spending the night in the freezer, he was successfully revived at morning brief and is believed to currently be in hiding in fear of another malicious attack. The sun today kept our spirits high afterthe hard work overnight and brought most of the crew to the deck to enjoy the fantastic weather and the beautiful blue waters south east of Kangaroo Island. Today we were entertained firstly by Barry and his singing troupe’s rendition of Garloomp Went the Little Green Frogand then by Ian and his recount of the Flemmish Horse and finally by Nath and Chook and their bobsled fender. So overall another great dayaboard the Young Endeavour. A big hello to Dad, Mum, Joel and Sean and my thanks to Lachlan and Lee for their creative input.CheersBrendanStay tuned,Andrew Davis


38° 0' South / 139° 59'


At sea in the Backstairs Passage (between SA and Kangaroo Island) under full sail. Temp 19C, Windsoutherly at 12 knots.