Captain's Log
6 June 2000

Straining our tired brains

Everybody got to the topgallant yard last night, which was a great effort for day 1. At 0800 we had our flag raising ceremony followed by morning brief. We chatted about the day’s plan and explained a few more do and don’ts to the YC. Then it was off to ‘happy hour’ where the joys of cleaning were breaking new ground for some. Anchor was weighed at 0945, and as the ship motored through the channels of Moreton Bay the YC were hard at it learning the ropes and sails. At 1300, engines were shut down and the ship sailed onwards towards Caloundra. At 1500 we were all ready to test our new skills and the crew prepared to tack the ship. This was successfully completed three times and then we settled down into watches for sailing overnight. The ship wore (gybed) at 1800 and we are now heading northwards towards Fraser Island with all plain sail set.I don’t anticipate having to tack or wear tonight, providing the wind behaves as forecast. Tomorrow will also be a busy day with a few lectures and some sail handling drills to complete.YC entry by Vicki Cooper (age 17 from Toowoomba) and Richard Martin (age 22 from Nambour) – We were up bright and early this morning (0330) and started off with a climb to the top of the foremast. It was an inspiring adventure and it was great to see our watch crew have such strong team spirit as we helped each other conquer our fears hanging off the yards. Today was spent straining our tired brains getting to ‘know the ropes’, setting and furling sails and tacking. The food is fantastic – no worries about starving. Everyone is getting on well and having fun. I’ve overcome the fear of climbing out 33m high over the water. I’m hoping to challenge myself more and more throughout our journey.It’s still too cold down here – it’s onwards and northwards to the tropics.Chat tomorrowAndrew (Vicki and Richard)


26° 45' South / 153° 20'


Course 020, Speed 6kts, Wind 240/15-20kts, Temp 15