Captain's Log
13 February 2001

Stoically Holding On

The overnight climbing and knot tying went well. The Youth Crew were up again at 0630 hrs after keeping a 4 hour watch on deck and today, as always, the learning curve has been very steep. But they have stuck to the task well and by day’s end have achieved an enormous amount. Well done guys and gals. We departed Newcastle area at 2pm and have sailed far out to sea (about 60 miles/110km).The forecast overnight is for strong nor’easters and tomorrow we will get a southerly change.Youth Crew entry by Karl Harisson aged 23 from Brisbane:Day two of our adventure started at 3:30 am when we were awakened by a considerably more cheerful red watch. They were cheerful for two reasons, it was approaching 4 am and they were headed for bed, and having just experienced it themselves, knew we were in for a trip to the top outermost point of the ship ��� the edge of the top gallant sail, some thirty metres above the deck. The youth crew battled on through seasickness and exhaustion stoically holding on with grim determination to achieve in the first watch what many of us only hoped to achieve by the last day. This was a terrific thing to accomplish early, to get that fear conquered before we had too much time to think about it. There is a sense of community and team building amongst the youth crew by the strong efforts of all aboard during the first days sailing. Looking around the ship as we were tacking, seeing everyone in their positions, doing their job, controlling the speed and direction gives a really satisfying feeling. Roll on the ninth day, We can’t wait to take control.Hi Megan, Phil, Dana and everyone at BACL. Hi to Sarah Elliot, who had to leave us today – hope all is going well – sorry to see you go.Stay tunedAndrew Davis


32° 53' South / 151° 47'


CO's Log Tuesday 13 Feb 01Current situation at 1800: At sea off the Central Coast. Wind nor'east at 20 knots. Temp 24C.