Captain's Log
10 May 2001

Enchanted Seas

Situation at 21:00 – Command youth crew took over at 0800 where a morning brief was given giving details of the day task and followed with a specialhappy hour of Brasso. A fun excercise was done to demonstrate the importance of teamwork and fun that was to be had for the day.At 1025 hours the Ship made may to the first point of ‘Donald Duck. Once the ship was out the lee of Opheus Island, winds were 20-25 and steady at 170 degrees.Donnald Duck way point was reach at 1110 from there the Ship came on the wind steering 040 to reach the next point of Micky Mouse. The way point Micky Mouse was reached at 1240 then headed to the next way point of Shrek. On the way to this way point it became apparent that the ship will not make it’s final destination in HorseShoe Bay without the use of engines. A decision was also made to not make for the way point Shrek but for Yogy Bear to get the ship south and eastward.The rope work task was completed easily on in the day and several other task were under way I.E. The team mural, the ropeHammock and the BAT task.Note from the Youth Crew Captn: The weather conditons have not been kind. Alot of the crew were sick and the big downer was therain, keeping the crew below decks. In addition to that there has been a lot of tacking just to make it to the way points given. This point in particular has upset some of the crew having to go totacking station in quick succession. Morale did suffer because of it but the crew is strong and have put their back, hearts and soul into this day of command for all of us.Captain Andy TG’day from the enchanted shanty seas,The worst weather on the trip to date and wouldn’t you know it, it came on command day. People’s fuses were running short with high winds, massive seas and sea sickness returning. Also, people are starting to realise that they can go without small things for periods of time such as mobile phones, boyfriends and girlfriends, theinternet, television and Big Brother. This ship has made people stronger and better people in many areas such as teamwork, physical strength and tolerance. On a personal note, hi to mum, dad, Imogen,Rebecca and Milly. Until next time, so long land-dwellers.From Liam in Brisbane.Considering the miserable weather and the tired and occasionally sick youth crew every memeber of the TEAM is performing withfantastic cooperation and strength. It’s funny to think 7 days ago many did not even have the knowledge to set a sail let alone sail OUR ship by ourselves. I would like to say a special thank you to my ownwatches Blue watch and Violet watch for the effort they have put in to make our trip enjoyable and to help each and every member achieve their own goals. However this could not have been nearly possiblewithout the added help of our enthusiastic staff leaders, Sally and Kate. You two have been fantastic!!! In conclusion I’d just like to say g’day to everyone I like in Canberra and a big Hello” to Phillipa!Happy to report I’ve sustained no major injuries as yet.Peace to all


/ 0° 0' South


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