Captain's Log
4 November 2011

Square sail sailing

Good Evening Shipmates,Having sailed overnight in balmy tropical conditions with a variable south easterly wind, we woke to a picture perfect Queensland day of clear skies and a cooling breeze. We were certainly not breaking any speed records but when it is like this, who is in a hurry? During the forenoon watch we introduced the square sails to the YC for the first time and spent most of the day broad reaching with all fore and aft sail and the upper squares set. After lunch the generator was shut down and we enjoyed the solitude and sound of only wind, water and rigging (and of course Taffy spinning yarns to the YC). I then provided a short lecture on sail theory followed immediately by a series of demonstration tacks. Hopefully the penny has dropped for some because in a few days time they (the YC) will be on their own!Later in the afternoon we set the fisherman staysail which doesn’t get a lot of use and we were making very respectable speeds in the light E-S winds.The YC continue to impress me with their enthusiasm and they’re really clicking together as a team.Tonight we will remain at sea making our way southwards and we’re hoping to anchor at Percy Is by mid afternoon tomorrow. Captain GunnaCarpe’ diem


20° 37' South / 149° 41' East


Co 160 Sp 7 (motor sailing) , Wind 090 - 10 kts, Temp 25