Captain's Log
9 June 2001

We’re Having a Ball!

We enjoyed a good overnight sail with fresh south east winds but unfortunately still had to motor sail a fair bit because of speed, time and distance constraints. Overnight navigation, sail handling and team work exercises filled in the quiet times.The forenoon was relatively quiet as we continued towards Stanley and this afternoon we conducted sail setting and furling drills, the final test to ensure the Youth Crew have learnt all the essentials prior to taking over the ship tomorrow. Normally I would conduct these myself but due to being rather low with a bout of flu, this time they were most competently assessed under the watchful eye of our 2ic and Sailing Master. Needless to say all have passed out for the big day tomorrow.Now we are once more at anchor, this time off Stanley. Tonight the Youth Crew will elect their Command Team and get themselves organised for tomorrow.Until thenCap’n BobYouth Crew Entry: WHITE WATCH MEMBERS – Have had a wonderful time in the lead up to command day tomorrow, and looking forward to it. Our Command team and Captain have been proudly elected and named this afternoon by our Youth Crew and we are ready to commence the next great challenge of this amazing voyage.Hi. To everyone at home can’t say that we’re missing you much. Having far to much fun. Love and kisses Sarah.Hi everyone at home. I am having a great time out here. I don’t want to come home yet but I hope the chooks are ok. The mast is a lot higher than it sounds and I haven’t fallen yet and am hoping not to. Love slapy (connor)Hello Dad, Mum and Hera. Guess what I actually made it to the top of the mast and hung over the yard to look at the deck and the water!!! Not only once but a couple of times, so tell that to every one at home. See you Friday. Love JoeyHey peoples at home. I’m having a great time here and faced my fears ��� yes I made it to the top of the mast and lived to tell the story. I changed colours the first few times but that was probably because I was a bit sick as well. Anyways, you’ll here all about it later. Love Crystal.Hi Mum, Dad, Mish and the rest of the family. The start of the voyage was not so good, basically from Wednesday afternoon to Friday afternoon I had major seasickness, I felt like I was dying! Friday afternoon was the beginning of my recovery and since then everything has been great! Tomorrow is command day and I am one of the chefs, should be interesting. Mish see you Friday, can’t wait. Love you all, Leah xxxxxHello all! Wow, what an amazing six days this has been! I was lucky enough not to get seasick at all, and now everybody seems to have recovered. We are all a bit exhausted, though; you would be too if you were having 4 hour ship watches” in the wee small hours of the morning! Still


Joel / Nick


Bundi and the rest. Well