Captain's Log
25 May 2003

Somthing I’ll Never Forget

Situation at 20:00- Overnight we continued to make ground to the North towards the Percy Island group. The Youth Crew were able to practise somenavigation, as well as sail handling and the time went by quickly.At morning brief all hands joined in to sing Happy Birthday to Kate. Not everyone can say they turned 22 at sea. As always, SaltySea Dog Lukish regaled us with his imaginative explanations of the nautical origins of commonly heard pharses. Engineer Rags was somewhat shocked by the slim pickings for his scran bag. Captain Johndid the honours today and led the guilty culprits through their penance. Happy Hour today was ‘Brasso’ day. In no time at all theShip was gleaming from stem to stern and XO Chooka was grinning from ear to ear. Morning tea consisted of a delicious birthday cake inhonour of Kate. The main activity of the forenoon was demonstrational and rotational tacks. The Youth Crew get the chance to rotate through the different tacking stations so that they are better able tounderstand how their assigned station fits into the big picture. They are also able to join Captain John and observe tacking from the command perspective. This rounds out the previous sail theory lectures they have had and hopefully makes the process of tacking the Ship understandable.After lunch Captain John mustered the Youth Crew on the Foc’sle and gave them the command day brief and outlined the missionthey are being challenged to achieve. This was followed by the command day elections. The Youth Crew are free to organise themselves in any structure they choose, as long as all the command day guidelines are met. As this was happening, the Ship sailed to anchor at West Bay on Middle Percy Island. This is a small bay that is verytropical and beautiful. Several private Yachts are sharing the anchorage with us, which only adds to the beauty of the area. The Youth Crew have announced the results of their command day elections and are busy questioning the relevant Staff Crew on howto carry out their role during command day. At 21:30 the Staff Crew will go silent and the Youth Crew will be on their own. The aim of command day is for the Youth Crew to achieve their assigned mission all on their own, and I am confident they will meet with success. Overnight they will keep anchor watches and plan how they will achieve their mission.YOUNG ENDEAVOUR Fact File: The Ship is fitted with a full suite of communications equipment. This includes being compliant withthe requirements of the Global Maritime Distress Signaling System. There are two VHF radios for short range communicatruions and two MF/HF radios for long range communications. INMARSAT C and satellitetelephones allow worldwide real-time communications with Naval authorities.YOUNG ENDEAVOUR Glossary: Belaying Pin-A removable wooden steel or bronze pin that is slotted into a hole in the pin of Fiferails and around which sheets, halyards and braces are made fast. Pooped- When a wave coming from astern or from the quarter breaksover the poop of a vessel. Thought of the Day: It is not the critic who counts. Not the man who points out where the strong man stumbled or where the doer ofgreat deeds could have done better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena. Whose face is marred by dust, sweat and blood. Who strives valiantly, who errs and comes up short again and again. And who, while daring greatly, spends himself in a worthy cause so that his place may never be among those cold and timid souls who know neither victory or defeat.Theodore Roosevelt.Yours, Aye John CowanLCDR, RAN hey mum going ashore tomorrow yay having a great time too much to write see you on thursday hi katie Matt from Canberrap.s Krystal says to say hello to all her friends because she forgot yesterday.Hey mum, dad and everyone else,I’m having the best time. My birthday today was one of the best ever, with the biggest cake in the world. Thanks to Luke for the great icing decoration. Got to see dawn from the upper top, something I’ll never forget. See you all in a few days, I’ll fill you in on the rest then.catch up soonKate, Albion Park (now 22)


21° 39' South / 150° 15' East


At anchor at Middle Percy Island. Wind: Sou' East at 10 kts, Cloud: 0/8, Temp:23c.