Captain's Log
3 July 2000

Somebody’s got to do it!

During the day the new YC arrived on board for the first of Young Endeavour’s five-day voyages. This voyage is very special for the ship and hopefully will become a major event in the ship’s history. The YC for this voyage are a mixture of former YC and new YC that have a physical disability. People with a disability have mostly been excluded from sailing in YE and in an attempt to rectify this, a group of young athletes organised by the NSW Sports council for the Disabled have now joined the ship.By 1300 all YC had joined and I welcomed them on board and introduced the staff to them. I also gave them the bad news that a defective gyro compass was going to prevent us from sailing on time. The gyro will hopefully be repaired by early afternoon tomorrow. The program has not actually suffered that much as we would have spent the first night at anchor in any case but it’s always nice to get away from the wharf.This evening after dinner we will be having our first climb and then (touch wood) we will get underway around lunch time and start sailing towards the Whitsunday Passage area. Hey, somebody’s got to do it.Chat tomorrow eveningAndrew


21° 7' South / 149° 13'


Wind SE 15kts, Temp 18, partly cloudy