Captain's Log
23 March 2010

Some sea (and land) time under our belts

Good evening one and all,A pleasant overnight sail up the east coast of Tasmania, with some of the Crew finding the noise of the Ship, the routine of \’am I supposed to be up on watch or not\’ and a new bunk making for an indifferent quality of sleep. Others, including me, were out like a light! Importantly, it wasn\’t rough. We sailed into beautiful Wineglass Bay, half way up the east coast of Tasmania early in the morning and everyone went ashore on the golden sand and enjoyed a short bush trek up part of the famous three peaks. Some were grateful to just hug a tree! Back on board and we had our first session of rope races, where one member from each watch at a time gets asked to go and touch a part of the boat – our rope race master, Josh the Engineer, says \’touch for me a xxxxx\’ and off the three selected people go to touch the item and call out their watch name … first in best dressed. Great to see bewildered faces try and remember items with strange sounding nautical names! The winning team gets a prize at the end so there is an element of \’competition\’.After rope races we sailed from anchor in a glorious westerly wind with a calm sea and shaped course towards the southern NSW coast some 324 nautical miles away. We usually sail at around 6 knots so should be there late on Thursday.We set all the sails but as I type the wind has eased so I think we will be motor sailing most of the night, which is a bit frustrating … well, noisy anyway. A night at sea settling into the watch routine and resting after what turned out to be a relatively warm day on deck.Until tomorrow take care,Dave Jordan (Yak)Voyage Captain


41° 51' South / 148° 30' East


Wind SW at 5 knots, Sea State 2 on a low southerly swell of 1 meter. 15 degress air temperature. A cold front passed through this morning and we are now under the influence of a high pressure system extending across Victoria, with a forecast of relatively calm conditions but not much wind for the next 24 hours.