Captain's Log
5 July 2001

Skylarking Champions

After a big day yesterday, our youth crew spent their night each keeping a four hour watch setting and furling sails, steering the ship and applying their new found navigational knowledge to determine where we were and which way we needed to steer. We had a nice breeze come up during the forenoon, so we busied ourselves setting as much sail as we could to make the most of the wind. Hopefully it will last overnight. There was also a lecture on the collision avoidance rules, which made for an entertaining afternoon. Each watch made the most of the wind to see what the others do when we tack the ship and in the evening we learnt a little about everyone by each crew-member telling us all about someone else onboard.The wind is fair and the seas are following us, so I wish you all the same, fair winds and following seas,Matthew RoweYouth Crew Entry from Guy Taylor.So far so good, I have yet to experience what the others call feeding the fish, with my personal spewometer still cruisin’ along nicely on NIL. The crew are a bunch of skylarking champions, and the rest of the youth crew basically the same. The coastline of the Kimberleys is amazing, and the magnificent sunsets just top it all off. Having a great time, sending best wishes and love to all whom I know and read this, hope to see you all back home soon, Guy.Youth Crew Entry from Emily Maclean.I had an unreal day today as Watch Leader, and we are on our final watch now until midnight. With the engines off, sails and wind up we are cruising well. Last night we were on the graveyard shift in the middle of the night, and I can’t wait for a good sleep tonight. Our first day of rope races today and the Bluies blitzed the field. With the crazy staff on board, this included having my watch squash a banana into my mouth as quickly as they could! Nearly enough to start my currently nil spew-o-metre. I climbed the mast again this morning to untie some sails…not too fond of the baby sharks we could see swimming by. Still loving every moment. Hi to everyone, gros bisous, Em. xoxo


14° 11' South / 125° 4'


Captain's Log for Thursday 5 July 2001Situation at 1800: Sailing SW off the Bonaparte Archipelago under plain sail with 12knots of following wind. Speed 5 knots. Wind 050/12 knots. Temperature 26C.