Captain's Log
4 March 2005

Situation at 21:00 – At sea under five sails

1. Situation at 21:00 2. All hands enjoyed a quiet night at anchor catching up on missedsleep and recharging their batteries. At 06:30, XO Dion called allhands on deck for another round of early morning activity. Thisconsisted of a light jog around the upperdeck followed by somestretches and activities designed to get the blood flowing and thebrain thinking. After another fabulous breakfast, the naval ceremonyof colours was carried out at 08:00.3. At morning brief Captain John and Boatswain Rachel assisted SaltySea Dog Phil in describing the nautical origin of the phrase ‘son ofa gun.’This was followed by Engineer Horto claiming yet anothermassive harvest for his scran bag of gear found sculling in the messdecks. The culprits entertained us with a song in return for thereturn of their belongings. After the ever popular ‘ Happy Hour’ wascompleted to the XO’s satisfaction, Chef Speedy provided a deliciousmorning tea.4. The next activity was the sailing theory lecture delivered byCaptain John. This is an interactive demonstration of the basicprinciples involved in sailing a tallship and will form the basis ofthe Youth Crew’s ability to safely sail YOUNG ENDEAVOUR when they aregiven command of the ship in a few days. By 11:00, the anchor washome and we were once again underway.5. After lunch, Engineer Horto led the Youth Crew in another round ofRope Races. It is starting to develop into a very close competitionand any of the three watches is well placed to win the overallcompetition. The last activity of the day was rotational tacks. Eachwatch rotates through the other watches stations as the ship conductsa series of tacks. This is designed to help the Youth Crew develop agreater awareness of the ‘ big picture’ of what is entailed intacking the ship.6. Overnight the Youth Crew will conduct the major teamwork exerciseof the voyage. Without assistance from the Staff Crew they will berequired to complete a relatively complex evolution and thencarefully analyse what went wrong and what went right. The aim is topromote their awareness of how best they can contribute to a teameffort and to help them identify their strengths and limitations.7. YOUNG ENDEAVOUR Fact File: During the world circumnavigation in1991-92, the ship participated in the Christopher Colombus 500thanniversary tallship race from Cadiz, Spain to San Juan, Puerto Rico.Out of a fleet of 102 ships, YOUNG ENDEAVOUR placed 56th overall.8. YOUNG ENDEAVOUR Glossary: Clewlines – Lines secured to the clewsof a square sail and used to pull the sail up to the yard when beingfurled. Ratlines – Wooden bars secured across the shrouds to make aladder to provide access to the sails, yards and rigging aloft.9. Thought of the day: Strive for the self-respect that comes fromgiving your best in whatever you do, and measure success by thedegree to which you are at peace with yourself. Steven Muller.Yours, AyeJohn CowanCMDR, RANAfter spending a wonderful day on land, playing games and spendingtime with our team mates we enjoyed talks with our families andfirends. Getting back on the ship was a bit hard for me afterspending three days getting to know the side rails but an encouragingtalk from my mum and dad had me in high hope for the next leg of myjourney. We sailed off from anchour heading for Kangaroo Island,tacking the ship and setting the sails was the highlight of the dayfor we, as a youth team did it all on our own. This feeling ofachievment will only get stronger as we progress on our way toAdelaide. See you all when I get home, love you all, Mum, Dad Dylan,Niki, Kelsey and Patty. Love From Ebony, Churchill, VIC.


36° 26' South / 139° 12' East


Wind: West at 12 kts, Sea State- 2, Cloud- 7/8,Temp- 18c