Captain's Log
27 July 2001

Singing in a Howling Wind

We continued making our way to the Abrolhos Island Group last night, the wind light at first but freshening towards morning. At 1100 we attempted to anchor in the lee of West Wallabi Island but the wind was blowing a steady 35 knots and the low flat island afforded us minimal shelter which, with poor holding, had us dragging anchor such that we had to abandon the attempt. We then sought an alternative anchorage but conditions had only gotten worse with winds gusting to 45 knots, and the lee of Rat Island was no better than West Wallabi.Consequently we have abandoned our attempt to anchor for the night altogether, will remain at sea in lieu and proceed alongside Geraldton tomorrow afternoon for the night, where we shall open the ship to the town’s people on Sunday.Despite the gale force winds, or more probably because of them, Youth Crew are having a ball and I can currently hear the on watch Youth Crew singing and laughing against the background of a howling wind.Until tomorrowCap’n Bob.Youth Crew entry by Brett Cattlin aged 21 from Melbourne.Day 10. Today has been a quiet day due to change of course and weather conditions. We have had winds ranging from 35-45 knots. So far I would give the voyage 10/10. It has been one of the best things I have ever done. I have learnt a lot, not just about sailing but teamwork, living in a confined environment with 23 other people, which isn’t easy when everyone needs there own personal space.We are now on our way to Geraldton and we should be getting there about mid-morning. We were meant to be taking command of the ship tomorrow as a youth crew. We were going to take command of the ship from the Abrolhos Islands, and sailing it as a youth crew to Geraldton, which is about fifty nautical miles from the Abrolhos Islands. But that has been put off until the weather settles down enough for us to take command of the ship safely.I came on the ship with three goals. One was to climb aloft which I have achieved and done about fifty times already. Second goal was to meet new people and I have, they are a great bunch to get along with. Third and most important was too learn how to sail which I have done quite rapidly and quickly, which you can do when you have got a great bunch of staff on board. Well that’s it from me. Hi Mum and Dad and happy 16th birthday Sis.


28° 48' South / 113° 51'


CO's Log 27 July 2001Situation at 1800 Friday 27 July 2001: Course 060, speed 4 knots. Conditions: wind Nor-norwest 40 knots, overcast, rain, temp 20 degrees.