Captain's Log
15 May 2013

Shore Leave for all!!!!

Ahoy there Shipmates, The ship remained at sea overnight in the vicinity of Bundaberg conducting sail handling drills and navigation training. All the watches had a chance to exercise their teamwork and communication skills throughout their watch. The ship came to anchor at 0700 this morning off Bargara beach which is in the vicinity of the town of Bundaberg. As soon as we were at anchor the red watch woke the rest of the Youth Crew up with their rendition of Eye of the Tiger. As soon as everyone was awake they were up on deck in their swimming gear and over the side for an early morning swim. Guv had rigged the rope swing so there was no end of back flips and face plants enjoyed by all. The morning was topped off by a bacon and egg roll cooked by Bec and Sez on the BBQ up on deck. After such a great start to the day we soon rolled into the morning routine of a quick brief and happy hour before the watch leaders took charge of the watches once more for some more climbing practice. Lunch was a wonderful affair with a light salad bar and then the crew thundered ashore for some well deserved shore respite. With some great shore games and a chance to spend some of their money on ice creams and coffees the Youth Crew reluctantly returned onboard at 1600. Dinner was a delicious teak deck BBQ cooked by Bec and her willing assistants Bianca, Te and Cowan. The food was quickly demolished by a ravenous Youth and Staff Crew. There was a very chilled out vibe afterwards with everyone enjoying the fine conversation and quite tunes in the background. Soon enough however Guv wrapped up the end of dinner and moved onto three way chats, which is another way of finding out a bit more information about everyone’s story. After a very enjoyable evening finding out so much about each other Rick the Nav stepped up and explained how the anchor watches work and there was a cheer when the Youthies worked out they would get a decent nights sleep tonight. They do have a great deal of responsibility however as they continue to look after the ship throughout the night. We plan to remain at anchor overnight and then sail early tomorrow morning, there is defiantly no rest for the crew of Young Endeavour when there are still so many places to explore on this journey along the coast and through life. Our next destination will be Heron Island and some of the best snorkelling in the Great Barrier Reef. Until tomorrow, may your anchors always hold fast CAPT Matt If everything seems to be in control, your not going fast enough. Mario Andretti  


24° 48' South / 152° 28' East


Wind: Not a whisper\r\nSwell: A very light roll to rock us to sleep\r\nTemp: 23 degrees (I love QLD right now)