Captain's Log
17 March 2017

Sheltering at anchor in Port Hacking

Good afternoon shipmates,Well I expected to be talking to you from Jervis Bay (JB) today, however it was not to be! It goes to show that “Southerly busters” are hard to predict accurately. Last night at 2200, with the ship still 4 hrs sailing from JB, the 17 kn NE winds veered suddenly to southerly at 25 kn. Had we pushed on we could have spent nearly 24 hrs battling the wind and waves to get to JB. We quickly handed-in sail and ran with the wind into the lee of Port Hacking, off Bundeena.Today we have progressed those activities we could do despite the wind and rain. Lectures, the first round of “Rope Races” and some time for the crew to relax and do some washing. The crew were able to hang their wet clothes to dry in the engine room.It is intended to remain in our current anchorage overnight and recommence our passage to JB when the wind is expected to ease and back more easterly in the late forenoon tomorrow.I was very impressed with the performance of the watches last night who, in very arduous conditions, handed-in sail quickly in response to the sudden wind change.Until tomorrow. Yours Aye, Captain Mike


34 04.6' S / 151 09.6' E


Wind: Southerly 31 kn; Weather: overcast and rainy; Swell: easterly 0.25 m; Temp: 22 deg C