Captain's Log
5 July 2003

Seeking refuge at Refuge Bay

Situation at 21:00 – It has been an arduous 24 hours for the YC since my last log entry. We continued to beat to windward overnight, during which timethe YC completed their teamwork exercises. This morning we found ourselves to the south east of the Whitsunday Islands in 30 – 35 Ktsof Sou’Easterly Breeze, with a weary YC suffering the effects of a strong breeze and the associated seas.At 0830 we had our normal morning brief with the Ship’s Mum managing only to find a few items to return to the YC, and we were soon turned to cleaning stations. Following cleaning stations we then had the third installment of rope races, as we made our way back towards the east. Before Lunch we handed all our sail and proceeded in to the aptly named Refuge Bay for a well earned rest.Whilst the anchorage has provided some respite from the heavy going at sea, it was still a busy period for the YC, with Mid Voyage Talks being conducted by Watch Leaders, followed by a climb for all members of the YC. I am pleased to report that on completion of the climb all the Watch Leaders confirmed with me that the YC are nowsafe to climb the mast without being accompanied by members of the Staff Crew. This means that they have achieved a significant milestone towards their Command Day and the voyage as a whole.After another wonderful dinner from Stonii, the YC sat down to watch a movie. A tale of an epic journey by one Capt Irving Johnson, made in 1929. The movie has served to inspire many of the YC, some of whom then took the opportunity to brush up on theirnavigational skills with Phil the Navigator.Anchor watches tonight mean some extra sleep for the YC and hopefully by the time we prepare to weigh anchor at 0630 tomorrow,everyone will be back to their usual high energy levels. Nautical Knowledge:Did you know? YOUNG ENDEAVOUR has a sister ship serving with the Royal Malaysian Navy? The TUNAS SAMUDERA is based at the Royal Malaysian Naval Base in Lumut and was handed over by HRH Queen Elizabeth II on 16 Oct 1989. She is an exact replica of YOUNG ENDEAVOUR making them true sister ships,the only difference being the colour of their Ship’s Side.(YOUNG ENDEAVOUR is White)Thought of the Day: ‘The best index to a person’s character is how he treats people who can’t do him any good, and how he treats people who can’t fight back.’- Abigail Van BurenMore to Follow, Paul BarrieLEUT, RANActing Commanding Officer


0° 0' South / 0° 0' East


At anchor, Scawfell Island Peak 330 1.02NM