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Seasickness is common in the first few days of each voyage and affects most youth crew to some degree. We suggest that you expect and plan for it in consultation with your doctor or health professional, and be pleasantly surprised if you are not affected.


Symptoms vary from mild lethargy and constipation to vomiting and in rare, prolonged cases, dehydration. Most youth crew members will be unused to the motion of a ship at sea and are likely to suffer some discomfort. Fortunately, most individuals adapt after a few days and the memory of sea sickness is soon forgotten as the voyage progresses and the excitement and adventure takes over.


Several remedies for seasickness are available through pharmacies and health professionals. Simple precautions can be taken before joining the ship. The Young Endeavour Youth Scheme does not make any recommendations regarding commercially available motion sickness preventatives. In the absence of previous experience, we suggest you seek the advice of your doctor or pharmacist.


Please note most medications require you to take action at least 24 hours before you begin your voyage. If you are taking seasickness medication do not double or increase the dose if they do not appear to work and do not use more than one type of medication at a time as serious side effects may occur.


It is important to note that if you do get seasick there is a great likelihood that it will pass within the first few days. The health care provider on board is well trained to monitor and assist all members of the crew as required. All Youth Crew must notify staff of any prescription medication brought on board and, if requested, hand this over to the medic for safe handling and security., and affects most youth crew to some degree.  

Check out our Seasickness Tips video below to learn more. 
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