Captain's Log
V07/21 Gladstone to Airlie Beach
7 May 2021

Sea to Middle Percy Island

Ahoy guys! Today we kicked off the first lot of 4 hr watches. Blue watch got a lovely sunrise climb up the foremast. At 0700 everyone was then woken up to some wonderful singing which was then followed by an amazing breakfast from our wonderful chef Adam of fruit salad and croissants. A quick morning briefing was then conducted and the youthies got to meet the beloved Salty and cheeky Jill who showed us that S.H.I.T (store high in transit) was a strictly nautical term. This was then soon followed by everyone’s favourite time of the day, Happy Hour! We were then brought back up on deck with our watch leaders to practise some setting and furling drills starting to prepare us for the quickly approaching command day. We were then treated to a visit from some whales who were splashing about and performing tricks beside the boat. In addition to the whales, a border patrol plane then flew directly above the boat taking photos of the enthusiastic Navy Crew and Youth Crew of STS Young Endeavour. Soon enough, lunch was served and quickly devoured by the members of the youthies who were not paid a visit by the green goblin (seasickness). Sadly, many became slightly ill when sailing out on the open waters as we headed to middle Percy Island. Despite this, the youthies powered on to participate in some 3-way talks where 3 randomly chosen youth crew members (not in the same watch) were chosen to get to know each other well enough to be able to act as one of the other members after the delicious deck BBQ dinner that was planned for us all. After about an hour of getting to know each other over cheeseboards and many questions, we then began the feast , salads, chicken and steaks all went down a treat with many of the youthies feeling much better after we anchored at the Island in the late afternoon. After the sunset BBQ, there was a bit of a dance party with music provided by the wonderful nav Emma where we learnt some signature Young Endeavour moves. We were then required to paint a small wooden boat to leave on Middle Percy Island as the first voyage to anchor here. We then got a look at all the stars in the sky up on the deck after dark and began to see just how small we really are. Now the youthies are looking forward to our much shorter 1 hr watches tonight and a hopefully more restful sleep in the calm waters here. CC (Celeste) and Connor signing out.
Connor – Groovy like a drive-in movie
Celeste – Miss everyone so much but living the best life despite my lack of sleep! Everyone here is practically family but still can’t wait to see you all


21 38.8' S / 150 14.4' E


At anchor off Middle Percy Is Wind: light and variable, Swell: nil, Sea: nil, Weather: fine with nil cloud, Temp: 18 deg C