Captain's Log
V07/21 Gladstone to Airlie Beach
7 August 2021

Sea to Hook Island to Sea

After a very challenging and exerting day, safe to say the youth crew are definitely feeling the effects of day seven. Support, inside jokes and encouragement are key factors for the Youth crew’s wellbeing, not to mention Adam’s continuously amazing food.
During the night, each Watch were faced with the BearEx activity, which including analysing the difference between a good and a bad team and then the most challenging part: one sheet of instruction’s to set the Storm Jib. Each watch had different strategies, however, Blue Watch was the first to do the activity and were the fastest. Who said the Youth crew got a fitful sleep during the night, as midnight came around all hands to tacking stations and the Youth crew worked together still with sleep in their eyes, to tack the ship.
Morning came for day seven still under sail, in which we navigated to Cook Island’s where we anchored at Manta Ray Bay. After an already action packed night, Youth crew were given some free time in which was used to study, clean and connect with different watch crews. The Youth crew were then given the opportunity to snorkel, watches heading out for 45mins at time to Manta Ray Bay. While the cold water was not for everyone, Harry seized the opportunity to climb the Foremast Topgallant yard – what a fantastic achievement! We then had burgers above deck giving us a fabulous view of what the Islands had to offer.
After lunch we then had all hands to the deck to set sail, leaving Manta Ray Bay under sail – For the second time this voyage, Wow! After we cleared the Bay the Youth crew were then given three demonstration tacks – preparing and teaching each watch the different elements for tacking as command day looms even closer. Finishing off the demonstration tacks, we then had to tack one more time, to navigate back on course.
As we sail into the night, the Youth crew are hoping for a fitful night sleep only broken by their watches.

Harry and Gibby


Good evening Shipmates,
Thank you Gibby and Harry for your entertaining narrative of today’s events. It certainly has been a hectic 24 hours. Starting with our midnight wearing of the Ship and finishing with Demonstrational Tacks and sunset climbs. The plan is to remain at sea overnight to consolidate sail setting and furling prior to Ben (the Engineer) and my assessment of the Watches’ competency to progress to Command Day and all the autonomy and responsibility they will gain on that day.

Until tomorrow, Yours Aye, Captain Mike


19 56.3' S / 148 52.7' E


Wind: 100 at 8 Kn, Sea: 0.5 m from the east, Swell: 1.0 m from the east, Weather: fine with 1 octa of cloud Temp: 21 deg C