Captain's Log
V06/21 Brisbane to Gladstone
23 June 2021

Sea to Hervey Bay

Ahoy there shipmates! From dusk until dawn, our greatest enemy was the mighty wind. Backwards (literally) and forwards we went, starting our morning with a cheeky Main Mast climb to retrieve and tether the main sail. We were awoken by the dulcet tones of Red Watch who enlightened us with their rendition of the Proclaimer’s ‘500 miles’, arising all shipmates from their rocky berths. Following happy hour, after which the boat shone brighter than a pearl, it was all hands on deck to tacking stations. We vigorously battled the elements under the guidance of our Captain Mike and Sailmaster Rio. We steered our beloved ship to port, to starboard, to port, to starboard, all in the name of reaching our destination and training us up for those inevitable midnight tacks. After this mad fun, we were called to an infamous round of ropies, during which Blue Watch mildly redeemed themselves (yeah the blueies).
Succeeding these activities, the youthies were treated to a comprehensive talk on ship traffic etiquette by our esteemed navigator Jem Jem.
We finally reached our destination of Hervey Bay, dropping anchor aside the beautiful Fraser Island and cracking out the rope swing. We witnessed some magnificent gymnastics moves accompanied by some questionable manoeuvres from the youthies and staffies alike.
An on-deck barbeque was preceeded by some glorious dance moves including but not limited to the Macarena, chicken dance and some saucy salsa moves taught by Dave (yeah the blueies). Our bellies full with another ripper dinner from Adam, we took to the deck for a few rounds of the youthie curated game, ‘Capture the Sock’. Although all youthies and staffies gave it a valiant effort, we must give credit to Rio’s truly incredible performance, with back to back wins. What a legend.
Over and out from Dave and Em.
P.S. Quick shout out to Emmy back home, I miss you. Lots of love – Dave.
Hi fam and friends back in t’ba, having a blast and you’ll be happy to know the sea sickness has subsided – Em.
Thank you Youthies for a very entertaining narrative on today’s events. We plan to give the crew a ‘run ashore’ for a few hours in the morning, following our normal routine morning brief and ‘happy hour’. The Fraser Island beach we can see from our anchorage looks very inviting. We plan to sail after lunch tomorrow to passage to our next destination of Lady Elliot Island. We will continue the training overnight to prepare the crew for the upcoming Command Day.
Until tomorrow. Yours aye, Captain Mike


24 58.4' S / 153 12.9' E


Currently anchored at Wathumba Creek on the western side of Fraser Island. Wind from 070 at 8 kn, nil swell or sea Weather fine but overcast Temp: 20 deg C