Captain's Log
V08/21 Airlie Beach to Cairns
21 July 2021

Sea to Dunk Island

Ahoy there from the Young Endeavour! Today started with the Blueys leading the way into Captains Setting and Furling, followed by the rest of the Watches. All of us passed and received a bounty of TimTams for our hard work.
Next on the agenda was Demonstrational Tacks, in which two members of each Watch were given instructions on the Bridge side of tacking and wearing ship. Very interesting to see the different perspective of the Command team, and will be an essential part of our Command Day. Then after Sail Master Emma had pulled us back on course with our last tack, she sprang her last surprise on us. The Sail Master challenge was underway! To complete this we had to furl all our set sails ready for anchor, without any guidance from the Staffies. Without too much confusion, all sails were furled, and we motored into anchor just off the lovely Dunk Island. The pool was declared open shortly after and the yardarm swing set up! After an impressive demonstration by our resident Englishman the rest of us followed into the deep blue sea. Jumps were also conducted off the ‘bowspritsual’, and some great photos were taken. Everyone had a fun time even those who only watched!
Last, but certainly not least, we had our Command Day Elections. Nominations were made, and anonymous votes were cast. May we present, drum roll please, our Youth Command Team! We have Matt from White Watch as our Captain, Sophia from Red Watch as Sail Master, Nick from Blue as Navigator, Philly from White and Matt from Blue as our Watch Leaders, and Ronda from Red, Zoe from White as our Master Chefs.

That’s all for now, we’ll see you again tomorrow for our big day.
Thor and Gazza from White Watch


Thank you Thor and Gazza for that. Tomorrow morning I hand the keys to the Ship over to Youth Captain Matthew Frazer for 24 hours to get us to the hand-back point and complete as many of the Command Day tasks as possible.

Until tomorrow evening, when it will be approximately half way through Command Day and we will be at sea making ground towards Cairns.

Yours Aye, Captain Mike


17 55.8' S / 146 07.6' E


Anchored in the lee of Dunk Island Wind: light and variable, Sea and Swell: nil, Weather: Fine and clear, Temperature: 23 deg C