Captain's Log
20 August 2002

Sea Squalls

Situation at 20:00- Overnight the Youth Crew carried out their second climb aloft, practised their knots, bends and hitches and set their personal goals for the voyage. It rained quite heavily overnight and because the upperdeck was wet when wakey wakey was piped the morning jog was replaced by a stately walk. The first morning brief of the voyage saw Watch Officer Luke (aka the Salty Sea Dog) describe the nautical origins of some common day phases such as Letting the Cat out of theBag. Engineer Stewy was in a generous mood and didn’t harvest any gear he found sculling in the Youth Crew mess decks but they have been fully briefed on what to expect if he comes across personal items left unsecured.The Ship got underway at 10:00 and started the long pilotage down the Brisbane River and out of Moreton Bay. Throughout the day the Youth Crew were briefed on the safety equipment carried onboard, practised deck safety and line handling and carried out sail setting and furling drills. As we cleared Caloundra Head the swell started tobuild and the rain squalls increased in both frequency and intensity. Before long the first green faces were seen and by the time all ofthe drills were completed there was a large crowd gatherd midships talking to the Dolphins. When all of the day’s activities were completed it was a tired, wet and somewhat thinned out group thatfronted up for supper.The First watch has closed up and have layed aloft for their first real work on the yards. We are currently motor sailing but the wind is due to back to the Nor’East overnight which will allow us to make ground to the South, hopefully without resorting to using the Iron Jib.YOUNG ENDEAVOUR Fact File: The Royal Malaysian Navy operates an identical sister ship to YOUNG ENDEAVOUR. The Tunas Samudera (Malay for ‘ Offspring of the Ocean’) was launched in August 1989. In January and April of that year her commissioning crew joined YOUNG ENDEAVOUR for familiarisation training prior to Tunas Samuderacommencing service with the Royal Malaysian Navy.YOUNG ENDEAVOUR Glossary: Furl- To gather up and secure a sail and neatly stow it. Brails- The lines used to Brail up (Gather up) to themast a fore-and-aft sail such as the mainsail. Heaving in on these lines pulls the sail into the mast and spills the wind from it allowing it to be furled.Thought of the day: All that is necessary for the trimuph of evil is that good men do nothing. Edmund BurkeYours, AyeJohn Cowan,


0° 0' South / 0° 0'


Wind: Sou'East at 18 kts, Temp:15, Sea State 3 in rain squalls