Captain's Log
19 November 2000


After a series of successful Bear Exercises overnight, the ship entered Jervis Bay after two nights at sea. The ‘Pool’ was opened and everyone cooled off in the beautifully clear waters. Woody the Chef cooked up a great BBQ on deck and then the ship sailed from the anchorage mid afternoon. We’ve set the big Jib sail, the drifter, and it looks great. While in JB we embarked a Navy Media Unit and over the next few days they will interview the Staff and Youth Crews for the Navy’s ‘Scuttlebutt’ video. I believe they may have already identified some potential movie stars. We will have to wait and see if they are camera shy – I think not. Now we are on our way south. Today I explained about the impending Command Day where the YC will take command of the ship for 24 hours from Tuesday morning. They seem quite excited by the prospect and I am confident they will do well as they are quite cohesive.Youth Crew entry by Karen Joyce, 23, of Florey, ACT: I am fascinated by the ocean. While the calm weather is not conducive to fast sailing, it enables us to really appreciate the great body of water that occupies about 75% of our earth’s surface. And those among us that suffer seasickness no doubt appreciate the milder conditions. Team building has been a focus of the last week, and with command day approaching, we are gaining increasing confidence in ourselves and that of our peers. We truly recognise and appreciate the qualities required to successfully lead our watches and sail the Young Endeavour unassisted by the staff who have thus far imparted so much knowledge and guidance.Speak tomorrowAndrew Davis


35° 22' South / 150° 42'


Current situation at 1800: At sea off Ulladulla, light airs and motor sailing south. Temp 22C.