Captain's Log
31 October 2015


Hi Everyone,

Welcome to day 10 of our voyage. As advised in last nights Log today we ran a Saturday Sea Routine which involves everyone working the morning then having the afternoon off, that is unless you have the after watch then you are still required on the bridge.

The wind continued to back overnight so this morning we were able to set the squares and by lunch time had the ship under a full press of sail which included the Gaff Topsail and the Fisherman which are two sails that the World Voyagers had not previously set. Regrettably the wind veered then moderated late this afternoon so we had to clew up the squares and we are back sailing just under fore and aft sail.

Being a Saturday Sea I haven’t got much news for you but where I have come up a little short this evening the World Voyagers have made up for it, so please enjoy tonight’s Captains Log written by White Watch.

Until tomorrow, take care

Yours Aye
Captain Gav

Captains Log 31 Oct 15

One week ago today we set sail on a voyage of a lifetime. Today we mark off 7 happy hours, 7 morning briefs, 21 meals spent grasping our plates as sauce flies all over the galley and 54 hours of watch duty.

Saturday Sea Routine engaged, the day had finally arrived. Adam had the pleasure of exciting the world voyagers during morning brief, with the idea of multiple siestas, documentaries and a day of rest, only after he used his creativity and ingenuity to whip up a terrifying Halloween mask made from duct-tape and yoghurt tubs with red veins drawn in a spiral pattern into his eyes! Although, we honestly weren’t sure if he wasn’t scarier without the mask. Love you pal

Morning brief was short and sweet, with our favourite joke-master, Knuckle sharing his finest dry humour with the crew, followed by Captain Gav giving us his usual words of wisdom to boost morale with an excellent quote from World Voyager ‘Liv’ from the previous passage. As the meeting adjourned, White Watch climbed aloft the foremast to untie the gaskets on the Topsail and Topgallant. Boy oh boy, we’re setting squares sails! The Staff and Worldies were tickled as White Watch and friends set the sails, giving an almighty view whilst lying on the deck staring at beautiful white cloth and blue skies. Happy hour went ahead as usual with scrubbing, spraying, vacuuming and mopping to keep the ship beautiful and germ free so we can continue to share the love.

Sails were set as we smashed out the knots, cruising across the Atlantic. As we were called to midships to appreciate the squares sails, both Adam and Captain Gav surprised us with some exciting plans and opportunities that have been arranged for us! With the expectation to arrive into Cape Town on the 18th of November we will have the chance for community involvement with schools and community groups, and exploration of Table Mountain. Spirits were flying high.

As all the duties, plans and activities are drawing to an end for the day the Worldies retreated to their bunks, patches of deck sun and the galley to enjoy some down time. Chef Jenko’s lunch never fails to impress and the name given to him among these parts as The Best Chef in the Atlantic and he continues to hold up the name. I assume all the Crew and Worldies will struggle with having to source, cook and decide what to eat after such a long time as sea, as we’re all very aware if he’s running 5 minutes late… and it’s only been a week!

Saturday Sea was bliss, with the worldies enjoying the mottled sky to wash clothing, lounge around the deck and move freely under a beautiful set of sails without a motor sound in earshot. As the wind changed in our favour, we had some excitement of setting up the Main Gaff Topsail and the Fisherman Staysail. The excitement was followed by ocean documentaries and some much loved David Attenborough entertaining and teaching the Worldies of the creatures of the deep.

Watches continue as usual through the night and the eighties classics continue to sound throughout the bridge.

Thanks, Cheers, Ciao, Peace.

White Watch. Oscar, Liam, Kim, Lauren, Matt, Caitlin, Emily, Alice, Yuri


I’m still alive  Having a wicked time and will probably need more money for Cape Town xx Thanks MUM & DAD. Love Rachel

Swizzle family – I have the least amount of bruises, but the biggest ones. Love you all, say hello to everyone from the Smiles-Roach-Zahorsky-Mccowan-Cacitti-Carty clan


34 degrees 11 minutes South / 31 degrees 52 minutes West


Currently located 920nm SE of Rio and enjoying moderate to strong ENE winds with a 1m NE swell. Our current speed is 6.5kts and the temperature is 15 degrees.