Captain's Log
20 June 2007

Sailing, Whitsunday Islands

YOUNG ENDEAVOUR awoke this morning to find the wet weather hadn’t entirely passed, but with the rain comes the promise of wind an essential ingredient in any sailing adventure. The morning quickly got underway with the age old ceremony of Colours (hoisting the Ship’s Ensign and Jack) at 8am. Following the rousing rendition of the National Anthem, Suzie explained the plan for the day and Whips explained where we might be going and how we might get there. The salty sea dog Ian taught us the origin of a couple of fine phrases with nautical origins, most notably fish fingers after our very own Nemo had an impromptu bath this morning courtesy of some very poor catching skills!


A safety brief from Captain Safety was interrupted with the very welcome arrival of Miss Epirb, all the way from the Rescue Coordination Centre in Canberra. Miss Epirb has a long association with the ship, and always loves her visits onboard where she is made to feel right at home. Whilst usually shy and retiring, she gave an enthusiastic wave to some passing tourist yachts, whose passengers, after getting over the shock of seeing Miss Eprib so far from home, returned her waves with equal enthusiasm. I am sure will remember Miss Epirb’s visit for a long time.


The safety briefs over, we proceeded with line handling and deck safety skills, and shortly after lunch commenced sailing. The youth crew have quickly grasped the basics and have managed to sail the ship from anchor where she made an impressive site as she crossed Whitsunday Passage. Before finally settling into the evening routine, YOUNG ENDEAVOUR completed two successful tacks. This important event means the youth crew are able to tack the ship tonight, thus allowing us to navigate safely in this relatively confined area. The watches tonight will consolidate their line handling and deck safety drills, and also learn the responsibilities of keeping lookout, helm duties and rounds as we proceed to the east of the Whitsunday Islands.


Yours Aye,

Phil Gaden Lieutenant, RANR


QUOTE “Do not pray for easy times; pray to be stronger. Do not pray for tasks equal to your powers; pray for powers equal to your tasks”

John F Kennedy


Youth Crew Impressions Susannah, 21 years old from Canberra.


Although some youth crew members were not too impressed with the rather early wake up call this morning (getting up at half past ridiculous) today was another adventurous day aboard the Young Endeavour. We started our watch shifts this afternoon, which means 4 hours on watch, then 8 hours off which might prove to be very interesting, especially with the guts or middle shift from midnight until 4am. However, all members are in very high spirits and although living out of our comfort zones, battling sea sickness, swells and living in sardine tin-like rooms, we are all having a ball and making the most of everything the sea and the crew throw our way.


Rothana, 21 years old from Boigu Island.


Totally agree with Susannah about the wake up call, I usually sleep in. It was a lovely day today, was looking forward for another challenge and to learn a whole lot of cool stuff. We have watches during the trip, also really cool because we get to take the wheel as well and also to climb right up to the top which is a bit scary at first. This is a really adventurous trip and I am enjoying very much. You guys should really try this out it’s FANTASTIC.


19° 58' South / 148° 58' East


Situation at 2000hrsWind Southerly at 15 Knots.Sailing under Jib, Fore-staysail, Topsail, Topgallant-staysail, Main-staysail and Main.