Ambassador Story
20 March 2017

Sailing to a New Me

“A trip to change your life. To learn about yourself, find new limits, push boundaries, make friends and bring you out of your shell. The 11 days on Young Endeavour truly forever changed my life. It gave me the drive to take on the challenges I had always dreamt about. I found confidence I always lacked, discovered the importance of patience and compassion with myself and others and had a lot of fun while doing it. I built leadership skills and learnt to work as part of a team. Completing my voyage was the moment in my life I decided to live a life of adventure leading to sailing a tall ship to Antarctica!

My memories are still so vivid 5 years on. The laughter, the comradery, the sense of achievement, the excitement and thrills, the physical and mental challenges all still bring me such happiness when I reminisce.

I cannot describe how wonderfully amazing a voyage on Young Endeavour is and implore you to take the chance, accept the challenge, give yourself this opportunity to change your life. “

Shona Manning