Captain's Log
23 June 2000

Sailing the Percy Islands

Having had a goods night rest at anchor it was up bright and early for some morning exercise and games on another glorious tropical day. We sailed from the anchorage mid morning in light S-SE winds and slowly sailed north passing between Middle and East Percy Islands. After lunch it was onto a set of rope races followed by an enthralling lecture on sail theory. Putting theory into practice, we conducted a series of demonstration tacks so each of the YC could witness the event from the bridge. Young ‘Damo’, the watch officer, was next up giving the YC a rule of the road lecture. During the lecture and at no cost, the YC were treated to a surprise performance by the Village People. That Indian chap sure has beefed out and the construction worker looks like he’d been zapped by the machine in ‘Honey I shrank the Kids’.There is still only a gentle breeze from the SE and this is becoming frustrating. Not so much for the lack of progress, but rather the lack of experience that the YC are missing out on. Sailing in a stiff breeze is not only more challenging, it is more exciting (and fun). I suspect we will do some motor-sailing overnight and I’m keeping my fingers crossed for more breeze tomorrow when we will be up in the Whitsunday Passage area.YC entry by Anne Adamson (age 21 from Toowoomba, Qld) – as a young Australian prepared to experience a different pace of life, I accepted the Young Endeavour challenge. On my present course of life, I was quite unaware of my place in the world and since coming onboard have met new people and learnt to expand all possibilities. Over the last 24 hrs, the ship has been at anchor overnight and I awoke this morning to enjoy a light jog along the beach on Percy Island before getting underway shortly before lunch. After setting sails and tacking the ship, I climbed aloft with my fellow watch members to ponder the beauty surrounding us. Reaching the topgallant yard was a challenge in itself, but the point when one overlooks the ocean is truly breath taking. As the YC prepare for Command Day there is a gentle buzz of enthusiasm onboard. With all the opportunities for the youth of Australia in the next century, Young Endeavour pushes all limits. Have a good weekend (go the Wallabies for tomorrow night)Andrew (and Anne)


21° 26' South / 150° 10'


Speed 3, Wind SE 10kts, Temp 22, another balmy tropical evening (more wind required)