Captain's Log
V02/21 Sydney to Sydney
3 November 2021

Sailing, Sunrise Climbs, Tacks…and Jervis Bay!

Ahoy shipmates…Day 3. Tacking stations, rope races and rules of the road (at sea)…plus plenty of downtime for the afflicted! After a pleasant (not all would agree) transit south under sail, and a busy day at sea, we arrived in Jervis Bay at just before sunset…much to the relief of a few green youth crew. As promised I have enlisted the aid of some of the youth crew to enlighten you with their version of events, so I will hand over to Lachlan and Marica. Until tomorrow, fair winds, Captain Kenny———- Ahoy landlubbers…day three is a success. We have arrived at Jervis Bay and are going to anchor at the time derived by our up and coming navigators under the direction of head navigator Jerome. During the night, the rocky seas meant many struggled to sleep and many more struggled to keep their food down. However with the prospect of land appearing on the horizon sea sickness is a thing of the past. The watches have grown close but we as a crew aboard the Young Endeavour have managed to sail the ship as a team proving that no sickness can overcome comradery and the thought of an early nights sleep. Unfortunately that wasn’t the case for the white and blue watch getting the guts watch (0000 – 0400) and the morning watch (0400 – 0800). However they still maintained a strong composure throughout the day and continued to assist the entire crew in tacking the ship…an extra shoutout to the navigator Jerome for “accidentally” tacking us the wrong way meaning we had to work as a team to get back on track with extra tacks. Despite the confuddle it was good practice. A huge shoutout to chef Keely for once again delivering magnificent meals to all the crew, the ship would not be the same without you. Everyone is missing their family’s and pets, a special message from Marica (I miss my little doggie Lucy so much!! Please give her a little pat for me please mama!). And myself (Lachlan – i love you mum and i miss you, cant wait to be back on dry land). A surprise visit from Salty the stowaway helped us learn the origins of S.H.I.T.(Store High In Transit), as well as the master of disguise T.J. as our cheeky sailor. In the middle of the day Reggie gathered us together and we played rope races, as expected White Watch came out victorious with 5 points while red and blue tying in second place with one each. To close the day, Jerome taught us where to drive in a channel and what to avoid. then as a crew we came together and brought the sails in and set the engines on with Captain Kenny at the helm currently to guide us into a great location to anchor and spend the night. With full bellies and a steady ship, a good nights sleep will prepare us for the challenges, experiences and games ready for us tomorrow. – Lachlan and Marica


35 01s / 150 46e


Wind: NE at 15 knots Weather: Overcast Sea: Calm Location: At anchor Jervis Bay