Captain's Log
18 January 2008

Sailing, NSW Illawarra Coast

Ahoy Me Hearties, Welcome to the Captain\’s Log for V02/08! We have just had the busiest 24 hours of our lives, getting to know the ship and “the ropes”. Last night after we sailed we anchored in Watson\’s Bay, and completed ice-breakers, safety inductions, and the dreaded first climb. All were successful, such that everyone got aloft and enjoyed the view. This morning we had colours (the flag-raising ceremony), followed by morning brief, and then “happy hour” (much cleaning!). We sailed at about 1030 and headed out of the heads into some pretty sloppy conditions, where the first bouts of seasickness quickly emerged. Due to the uncomfortable deck movement, we came back through the heads and conducted our setting and furling drills in the relative calm of Sydney Harbour. We are now sailing south, having completed our first tacks as a crew. The wind is slowly backing into the north east, so we should have a quick trip down the coast to our first anchorage, which is Jervis Bay. Despite the rough conditions and large number of seasick crew, everyone is in good spirits and working well together. Until tomorrow, shipmates, Yours Aye, Chris Chris Galloway Commander, RAN Commanding Officer


34° 1' South / 151° 20' East


Wind Easterly 20-25 knots, Strong Wind Warning Current. Wet and a bit miserable