Captain's Log
22 January 2000

Sailing North to East Cape

Youth crew had an enjoyable time ashore at Tolaga Bay. Anchor was weighed at 1600 and the ship commenced passage North to East Cape. Typically wind was on the nose and we tacked at 2000, 0001, 0400 and finally at 0800. That’s life in a tall ship.Shortly after the last tack we found ourselves becalmed and have been motoring ever since. We are hoping for an afternoon sea breeze. The ship is 4 nautical miles north of Cape Runaway which is a lovely part of NZ. Cape Runaway was named by Cook when five canoe loads of Maoris were observed to runaway when grapeshot was fired over their heads. Hardly surprising I would have thought. We are hoping to anchor at our volcano (White Island) by 1600. Apparently it last erupted 80 years ago – maybe we are due for another one.


37° 29' South / 177° 39'


Course 265, Speed 8, Wind 300/5kts, Temp 22