Captain's Log
V17/17 Sydney to Sydney
12 May 2017

Sailing North

Hello Shipmates,Welcome to Day 2 of the voyage. Following a well deserved and much needed night’s rest the Youth Crew awoke at 0600 to a breezy, overcast Sydney morning. Sail master Guv treated us to an early morning swim and rope swing, followed by breakfast on deck, consisting of bacon and eggs on freshly baked rolls, amongst other delicious options. After breakfast the Youth Crew experienced their first morning brief, stage managed by Guv, which included a brief from the Navigator Adam and ‘Salty the Seadog’ made his first appearance. It is his job to explain the origins of some of the typical expressions or terms in common use in the English language which have a nautical origin. This was followed by ‘Happy Hour’, which is our name for our daily session of cleaning the Ship. At 0930 we all mustered on deck for the Climbing Brief, given by the Sail Master. This included the correct fitting and use of the Ship’s safety harnesses, the Ship’s climbing safety systems and associated procedures. Then the Youth Crew climbed to the Top Gallant yard, the highest point on the foremast, under the tuition of their Watch Leaders and with support from all staff members.We weighed anchor at 1515 in the 25 knot winds we were experiencing in Hunters Bay and the youth crew got their first taste of practical sailing activities within the harbour. After the watches set and furled a couple of stay sails each, Guv gave the Mainsail brief and we proceeded out of the harbour, setting the mainsail as we went. The Ship pitched and rolled as we departed Sydney Heads. The wind was southerly at 35 knots and the swell 2.0 metres also from the south and the Youth Crew got their first taste of YE’s motion at sea. Just before dinner we set the Topsail, square sail. Due to the high winds we were unable to set the Jib. After dinner we took the Ship to Tacking Stations and weared-Ship a number of times before brailing the Mainsail again. This activity and assessment is necessary in case we have to Tack or Wear the Ship during the night on short notice. Gradually the Ship’s rolling got the better of some of the new Crew members and they succumbed to the dreaded ‘mal-de-mer’. I am sure they will find their ‘sea legs’ soon enough.The crew then prepared for their first night at sea. This will involve keeping 4 hour Sea Watches through the night, during which they will work the sails as required and keep the Ship safe performing duties as helmsman, lookouts, and conducting below deck engineering rounds. No doubt the crew will sleep well after a busy day!Until tomorrow,Yours Aye Captain Mike


33 28.9 S / 151 40.8 E


Heading NE at 7 knots with Topsail and centred main staysail only set at present. Planning to set the Course soon.Intentions: continue north east possibly anchoring in Port Stephens.Conditions: Wind - SW at 30 kn, Swell - from the SW at 2 metres, overcast, Temp: 19 deg C these are forecast to continue until midday Wed 06