Captain's Log
12 January 2000

Sailing in Tasman Bay NZ

Command day elections went well and a strong team was selected. Conducted a man overboard exerciseand handed in all sail at 1600. With no sail or engines, I handed the ship over to youth crew Captain. Sails were set and we were underway pointing in the right direction in pretty quick time – a good start.Unfortunately the wind Gods have not been kind and every time we try and make a course change we get a wind shift onto the nose. Bottom line is that to keep in touch with planned arrival time we have had to motor sail all bar the first hour. As such command day not particularly challenging. Youth crew chefs have performed well and everybody still having fun. Still getting fresh SE wind which will quite probably get worse as strait narrows.Saw a fishing boat last night – first vessel since Storm Bay. Also late in afternoon saw some porpoise which is always nice followed shortly afterwards by some whales (not sure which type).


40° 0' South / 173° 0'


Current situation: 4038S 17315E (Tasman Bay), Course 070 Speed 7.5kts, Wind 140/15kts, Temp 17C, glorious sunny day, would be perfect if wind did a 180.