Captain's Log
26 June 2007


Today we handed over Command of YOUNG ENDEAVOUR to the youth crew, and here is YC Captain Brooke to tell us what they have been up to.Yours AyePhil GadenLieutenant, RANRWaking up this morning to the beautiful liquid sunshine definitely did not put a damper on anyone’s mood today as all youth crew were eager to take charge of the Young Endeavour. The hand over from Captain Phil took place at 1200 hrs to myself as captain, Marty as Sailing Master, Sinitta and Shaun as Navigators and Chris as Watch Officer. Many other deck positions were allocated in leadership roles and of course we have 3 marvellous chefs’ that take care of the most important role on the ship.The Staff of the Young Endeavour have mentally gone on holidays during this period and a constant echo of “are we there yet” can be heard in the breeze. They have set many tasks for us to complete on this 24hr adventure, some may prove difficult and some are destined for outright laughter as singing the national anthem to five different tunes is obviously not a task for the light hearted.Anchoring off from Cape Upstart at 1300 hrs proved to be a challenge that was quickly overcome and the crew had the ship in full sail in no time. The weather became clear throughout the day and the wind was definitely on our side. Sailing a strong 7 knots has altered our course and we are unable to reach certain points as part of our challenges, however the few that have been reached have been an exciting accomplishment.The crew members have been busily climbing the mast to set the square sails in order to maximise and minimise our speed in conjunction with the Mr. Weather to suit our chosen destination. Two successful wears of the ship have brightened everyone’s enthusiasm and much confidence has been gained during these hours of trial.Dinner proved an exciting event as Italian was the theme of the evening. A tasteful Italian meal was displayed along with decorations. Youth Crew members dressed in the Italian colours of white, red and green in order to receive their meal, some having to wear their underwear on the head as it was the best they could do.A challenge is set to have successfully sailed to a plotted position on our charts by 2400 hrs and a hand over to Captain Ben and his team to complete tasks in the remaining 12hrs and successfully anchor at Magnetic Island by 1200hrs tomorrow.Commandment number one of any truly civilised society is this: let people be different.David GraysonNever doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world, indeed it is the only thing that ever has.Margaret Mead 


19°19's / 147°41'e


Situation at 2000hrs. Wind SSW at 20kts. Sailing under Jib, Fore staysail, Topgallant staysail, Main staysail and Main. Port Tack