Captain's Log
6 October 2008

Sailing, Command Day

Hello, Captain Dimity here! (Hi Mum and Dad). Today was the beginning of Command Day. Two Command Teams were voted in last night, the first taking control of the ship from midday to midnight. The positions are: Captain – Dimity, Sail Master – Pat, Navagator – Jaryd, Watch Leaders – Carla, Kylie and Lachie. After a Beach Assault Team claimed part of Hayman Island for the Youth of Australia, we set sail from the island heading for Holbourne Island. We battled through 2 metre seas and extremely hectic tacks, where one crew member put her body on the line to successfully tack this $15 million piece of Australian heritage. We are now slowly making our way to our final destination of Magnetic Island at a speed of 7-8 knots. With four hours left in Command, this is Captain Dimity signing off.


19° 41' South / 148° 8' East


Wind SE 20-25 knots, sea moderate, swell low SE'LY